Get to know – What’s new & Improved in QuickBooks Desktop 2019
Get to know – What’s new & Improved in QuickBooks Desktop 2019

Intuit appears regularly with advanced & Improved features to give better experiences. Now, let’s come to know what’s unique in Release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2019 & Enterprise 19.0.

Let’s check out what’s improved as per Release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2019.

Customer Invoice History Tracker – As per Qb desktop 2019 users can observe the invoice status from computing to client’s amount payment. Users can track sent, viewed, paid, & Deposited. Also facilitates customer invoice history tracker by clicking on the “See History” button. It will be available on the Invoice Page.

Easy credit transfer between Jobs – This allows users to easily credit transfer between the jobs. For multiple jobs users can easily transfer from one job to another. For example if users have overpaid for a job then you can adjust the job by transferring the job that needs.

Now with Go to Pay Bills – Earlier, you may find the option “Write your check” but now you will see “Go to Pay Buttons” The option will motivate users to go to Pay Bills” window.

Vendor Filter – With Go to Pay bills option” user can now filter by the name of a vendor. Earlier users may have to go through a long list of vendor’s names.

Display Inactive Items in Inventory Reports – Users can easily find the inactive items in the inventory reports as well. Before, inactive items with quantities were not displayed in Inventory reports but now, it would. 

Additional feature with condense Option – Now, a user via 2019 QB upgrade can simply remove the Audit trail. The audit trail consists of a file containing specific data & transactions. One can easily remove the audit trail without transactions and also tell the size of the removed audit trail. 

Enhanced IIF Import Features – This allows to import the IIF files including the failed transactions. While you click on the IIF Import lists, you can get the number of failed & successful lists along with transactions.

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