Release Notes For QuickBooks Desktop 2020
Release Notes For QuickBooks Desktop 2020

As everybody is well-acquainted with QuickBooks Desktop, a remarkable accounting solution that executes various financial & accounting solutions with its enhancing attributes. From time-to-time, Intuit Corp. releases new improvisations and changes in the software that enhances the functionality of the program. At present, Intuit has launched its latest Release Notes For QuickBooks Desktop 2020 that is (Release 7 (R7) – May 2020). Now, be informed that every new update comprises all the changes from earlier updates. If your automatic update option is enabled, QuickBooks will automatically download the updates for you and redirect you to install it there and then or you can check for updates manually when it’s available. Now let’s study and get into the details of it:

Latest Updates In QuickBooks Desktop 2020

These are the recent updates to be taken care of with reference to Release 7 (R7) as mentioned below:

  1. Merchant Facility: 

In this service, a new checkbox is displayed when saving customer credit cards that now requires the marketeer to precisely accept that they have a signed consent on file from their consumers.

  1. Enable Subscription Service

Multi-user commercial industries that desire to shift to a subscription service can implement it in this new recent update of Desktop 2020

  1. TSheets

The QuickBooks users with External Accountant roles can now use and sync TSheets as per their business requirements.

  1. User Control

Admins in QB Enterprise can now request other employees to generate an Intuit account.

  1. Batch Deletion Option

The users are now able to batch delete unlinked sales orders alike the batch delete for invoices, bills, and checks.

  1. CRM Connector

Now QuickBooks Enterprise diamond has a consolidated CRM connector.

  1. Alternate Salesperson Reports

The QuickBooks end users can now acquire the detailed information related to alternate vendors for inventory items on Inventory Stock Status Report by Item and Inventory Valuation Summary.

8. Error Fixes

  1. Rectified a problem that caused QuickBooks to shut down unanticipated after an old (prior to 2005) data file was upgraded.
  2. Troubleshooted an issue that caused QuickBooks to close it down completely unforeseen when emailing Payment Receipts utilizing QuickBooks-Email technique.
  3. Fixed an issue where QuickBooks passed an inappropriate cents amount for L3 items when proceeding a transaction with a credit card.
  4. Troubleshooted a problem where users were receiving “Payroll Activation” screen when approaching for Invite Page.
  5. Rectified an issue that would authorize non-admin users access to the Merchant Service Deposits screen.
  6. Fixed a problem that caused an incorrect online payment balance to show for pay enabled Invoices modified by 3rd Party applications.

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